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♥100% HANDMADE BY THE ARTIST                              

♥Acrylic earrings are 100% handmade, NOT laser cut. They were hand-drawn and cut in shrinking paper and coated in resin.

♥Chokers/ Necklaces/ Earrings are assembled by the artist herself.

♥One of a kind product!




Charm :           1.5cm X 1.5cm 

Choker:                   33 cm.

Extended chain:     about 9 cm.



♥Most of my products are made from Polymer Clay (unless otherwise indicated).

♥Some big sculptures (that are not charms) are made from airclay. 

♥Each charm, or sculpture, is painted with acrylic paint and coated with UV resin.

♥Chokers are made from fabrics and ribbons.

♥This product is Nickel Free !!!!!!!

Acrylic earrings are made from shrinking paper baked and glossed with uv resin. 


Must Know before purchase:

♥Due to the handmade nature of these items, slight variations, inconsistencies, and imperfections  must be expected.

♥colors may slightly vary in photos due to lighting.

♥ You can combo different items for better deals. (Must DM seller).



♥keep in mind the materials used to create my product  become fragile over time, if treated roughly. 

♥Though I take extra steps to ensure the durability of each one of my products, they need proper care and handling.

♥The art painted on the purses and handbags, as well as the sculptures and choker pieces,  are water resistant (not waterproof). 

♥To clean the product,  use a damned cotton fabric and gently wipe off any dirt or stain. Air dry. 

♥Anything coated with UV resin, epoxy resin, or varnish, must be stored away from direct sunlight to avoid yellowing and  to ensure a longer lifespan. Same for handbags painted with acrylic, to ensure the vibrancy of the colors. 


To see more of my work or how i made it:


TikTok: iris_awesome_shop

Instagram: @iris_awesome_shop


Togetic Acrylic Earrings

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